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pendulum jump

pendulum jump



Unique attraction in Reunion (three other sites exist in France, New Zealand and Russia), the extreme pendular jump is aimed at the most daring practitioners. Extreme sensations and intensity will be there. The start is at the end of the arch, solo or duo.



A moment of free fall, then the rope takes over to describe an arc of 150 meters and propel you at very high speed 2.5 m above the ground. Thrill addicts all agree that this extreme pendulum jump is the most impressive activity after bungee jumping.


    • Minimum weight solo: 40kg
    • Maximum solo weight: 150kg
    • Maximum cumulative weight less than 150kg for tandem jumps (duo).
    • For minors: written parental authorization
    • For people aged 55 or over: medical certificate dated less than 3 months.

    This list is indicative but not exhaustive.  :

    Pregnancy, herniated disc, heart and joint disease in general, history of severe head trauma, Meniere's vertigo, cerebral vascular malformation, ophthalmic problem (tell us)… All participants agree to have civil liability.

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